Dan Marshall - Confident Painting in Watercolor - Deposit

Price: $200.00 - Deposit: $30.00

May 1st @ 12:00 - 15:00

175 Euro

An introduction to watercolor, in Venice, a city made for the medium! Learn to paint with confidence, utilizing watercolor techniques to express the fantastic sites that we will be surrounded by in this magical city.

Explore how to use composition, tone and a direct approach to painting and achieve success and satisfaction in your painting. After a demo and discussing these ideas indoors, we will head out to the canals and alleyways to paint in the natural beauty of the city. Learn how painting and drawing from life will elevate your art as a whole! Beyond the landscape, we will also learn how to apply these techniques to more illustrative fantastic imagery


  TUBE type watercolors (Windsor Newton, Holbein, Daniel Smith) Recommended colors: cad yellow, cad orange, cad red, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt and raw umber, perm aliz crimson, mineral violet, cobalt blue, french ultramarine, cobalt turquoise and neutral tint
  The preferred paper is Saunders Waterford 140lb rough. (Dan uses loose quarter sheets (about 11x15) taped to a light support board but watercolor blocks or Stillman & Birn Gamma series sketchbooks will do) Rough paper is important to these techniques. Bring a Sketchbook!!
  A large and small ""mop"" brush, #8,#10,#14 synthetic pointed round brushes
  1 inch width masking tape, small bucket or cup for water, watercolor palette with large mixing areas, 7mm mechanical pencil, lightweight watercolor easel (if you have one for painting outdoors)",n/a,n/A,no,,"if available, tables, chairs for participants to work on. After a demo and discussion of techniques i hope to take the group outside.

dan marshall watercolor workshopDan Marshall is an award winning tattoo artist and watercolor painter, now in his 20th year of tattooing.He has worked at such premier shops as  Shahn Anderson's Electric Dragonland, Paul Booth's Last Rites and formed Tribulation Tattoo with Tim Kern and Liorcifer. A few years ago, Dan discovered a new calling in the form of watercolor painting, becoming fascinated and completely obsessed with mastering the medium. 
Dan travels often and currently resides in Huntington Beach California where, when he is not tattooing, he devotes every waking moment to painting.",Confident Painting in Watercolor

Price: $200.00 - Deposit: $30.00
Dan Marshall - Confident Painting in Watercolor