Orge Kalodimas - Geometry Chaos- Deposit

Price: $165.00 - Deposit: $30.00

April 30 from 11:30 - 14:30

150 euro

A small journey through the origins of geometry art and tibetan culture follow on an extensive guide on creating mandalas, using paper or Cintiq, designing skulls and deities, how to use symbols and how to play with contrast, working with different color value,shapes, patterns or textures.
Also my habits on tattooing, digital skills and photography!

designing mandalas from paper to photoshop, to Cintiq.
body study and design placement
design contrasts
technical: stencil,ink,needles, tattooing
photography tips

Orge Kalodimas is a tattoo artist, based in Athens-Greece. Started as Sake’s apprentice in 2005, he got into geometric art and tattooing in 2008.
In 2013 he start STC Publishing focusing on the art of the members of Sake Tattoo Crew.He is world renowned for his spiritual mandalas and his Solstice Mandala book: a book based on his six month project, design a mandala everyday for an entire solstice. He has also publish the Diverse Geometry sketchbook,the 115 Mandalas sketchbook and many limited edition screenprints.At the moment he is preparing his second hardcover book, the Dark Solstice.
Blending organic patterns, skulls and deities, mostly influenced by religion, art and culture. From Tibetan to Christian, he studies symbols and meanings, and delivers it on his large scale creations.
Orge Kalodimas travels the world in tattoo conventions and guest spots, focusing on Sacred Geometry art.
Loyal member of the Sake Tattoo Crew idea and a proud Sullen artist, he believes in constant study and hardwork.

Price: $165.00 - Deposit: $30.00
Orge Kalodimas - Geometry Chaos