Markus Lenhard & Adrian Dominic -What is it? A Seminar on Biomechanical Imagery - Deposit

Price: $270.00 - Deposit: $30.00

April 30th - 11:30-14:00

245 Euro

By dissecting the question that is as old as the subject matter of biomechanics and abstract art, the seminar will delve into the deeper workings of how one can approach and master this seemingly alien subject matter. In the last 10+ years, Markus and Adrian have spent many, many hours discussing and dissecting the topic to help each other to better understand the nature of the images they design in several media (digital and classical painting, tattooing and sculpture). By doing this for so long they created a visual and language based narrative to describe something most find hard to put into words.

Making the subject matter less elusive and abstract, this seminar will help students to further their own understanding of the topic and make it easier to find their own language within the world of the abstract and purely aesthetic. Which in turn may lead them to, not only find it easier to stimulate interest for this style in their own clientele but surprise themselves with a previously untapped source of creativity. 

Adrian Dominic is a tattooer, painter, and digital artist from Phoenix Arizona, USA.

Markus Lenhard is a tattooer, painter, and digital artist from Berlin, Germany.

Price: $270.00 - Deposit: $30.00
Markus Lenhard & Adrian Dominic -