Brent McCown & Colin Dale - Hand Tattoo Seminar- Deposit

Price: $140.00 - Deposit: $30.00

April 30th @ 18:30 - 20:30

125 Euro

Discuss traditionel Tattoo Techniques and its place in modern society vs. traditional living.
Also modern take on traditional Tattoo and Body sculpting with Design and how it can help and grow all aspects of other Tattoo styles through traditional teaching.
How to read, write, and understand traditional Patterns.

Brent McCown from New Zealand, been tattooing for 27 years, specializing in polynesian Tatau.
Colin Dale born in Canada und based in Denmark, and has been a big influence reviving nordic Tattoo.

Price: $140.00 - Deposit: $30.00
Brent McCown - Hand Tattoo Seminar