I'm Jeff Gogue (pronounced go-gway). I did my first tattoo in August of 1999, and began tattooing full time August of 2000. Self taught, I've been influenced by people like Filip Leu, Robert Hernandez, Nikko Hurtado, Shige, Cory Norris, Bob Tyrrell, and Joe Capobianco. I strive for creative, dynamic, refined work. Detailed where needed, and loose where it's appropriate. I also love oil painting when I can, and have been doing so, off and on, for the last ten years. I am expressive by nature. I'm transparent and multifaceted, revealing some contrasts and mysterious ways. You can't see all of who I am from any one angle, so, in my quest for relevance, I am trying to expose as much as I can. This stage in my life is fairly new, since I feel that up until the last few years, I've only been striving for technical ability... just to be good at manipulating paint or ink doesn't send any message besides being disciplined and methodical. I am ready to see what's inside... though it leaves me vulnerable to disappointment, I am still ready. I don't think anyone lives completely honest. Desiring to minimize our faults and maximize our strengths. I'm no different, but I'm willing to see how honest I can be.